If I Were To Get Started Again, How Would I Do It?

The other day, I kvetched a little about when I was getting started, about how I felt like I couldn’t really because of the supposedly required tooling.

In truth, I don’t know that my complaints were legitimate. Not completely.

However, on the same token, I do feel like there’s a certain barrier to entry that exists in the craft, a certain elitism, for want of a better word.

You see, no matter where you look, there’s pressure to buy “the best” tools, and there’s a logic to it. Buy once, cry once and all that, plus let’s be honest. A lot of the premium tools really are better and not just expensive.

Vintage tools are awesome too, but they’re kind of intimidating to some people. They’re worried about trying to rehab a whole pile of tools before building anything. I get that. I enjoy it, but not everyone does. In truth, though, I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t have to.

So, if I were to decide for the very first time that I wanted to build furniture, here’s what I would probably do.

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