There went that plan…

I thought I’d settled on pretty much everything on my workbench yesterday except for the vise. I just knew I had everything worked out. I was just waiting for “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use” so I could have the plans and the directions. That’s it.

But, like an idiot, I never bothered to realize that this is a revised edition.

That means it’s got more stuff in it. Including some interesting tidbits that I needed to see.

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Finalizing Workbench Plans

As it’s a rainy day and I’m stuck not being able to do much but think, and seeing as I finished reading Christopher Schwarz’s workbench design book last night, I think now is a fine time to finalize my plans for my workbench.

After all, once the tools are all back to working order and sharp, there won’t be much of anything else to do except to build something.

While I might build a few odds and ends before the bench–things like a quick chisel rack for the monstrosity–I’m still going to need that bench.

So here’s what I’m thinking…

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The Shop Area

I had some thinking to do regarding where I was going to set up my “shop.” All I knew for certain was that it was going to be out my back door and be based under the metal awning, so as to keep the rain off the old noggin.

However, we have steps going down to the yard, so everything had to work around that. Plus, the steps are off-center to the awning. On one side, I had 5’8″x7′ worth of space. While you can make do with very little space for a hand tool workshop, you still want something a little bigger. After all, I didn’t want to be relegated to small projects simply because I couldn’t fit the larger ones in my shop space.

The other side, while much larger, was junked.


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