More work on tools

I spent more time today cleaning up tools. A couple of saws, a combination square, a spokeshave, an #4 plane, and a scraper plane all made it into the vinegar today. Further, the spokeshave, scraper plane and the #4 all got hit with a coat of black paint to pretty them up just a bit.

Now that I’m getting closer to having that done, it’s time to plan what happens next.

Obviously, the first step will be to sharpen all the tools.

I’m not very good at sharpening stuff, unfortunately. For kitchen knives, I cheat and just run them through a sharpener that already has all the correct angles and whatnot.

But tools are different. Everything has a different angle and you have to get them all right.

Top that off with the fact that I’m not really interested in buying a guide to help with that either. After all, despite my desire to not spend a pile of money, I still had to spend money.

For example, I ordered a circular saw because my old one has a slight problem. Namely, when I plugged it in and pressed the trigger, nothing happened.

Slight problem.

I ordered a Porter Cable saw earlier today, so I’ll have something. Yes, I have handsaws, but they’re in awful shape and while I do plan on restoring them, I don’t really want to spend a lot of effort ripping or even crosscutting. I don’t really enjoy doing a lot of sawing of raw stock, hence the circular saw.

I also spent money on Christopher Schwarz’s first workbench book. I’m almost done reading the second one (I highly recommend it) but it only touches on the Nicholson this time around, mostly to discuss what Schwarz would do differently the next time.

Which I plan on listening too, mind you.

Unfortunately, I still need the plans. Especially since I’m really intrigued by the angled legs and leg vice.  I wantz it. I needz it.


But I do plan on building it because, well, how else will I find out anything about it unless I use it?

Since I don’t know any other woodworkers locally (and I know they’re here, but damned if I know any of them), much less any with this particular bench, guess what I have to do?

That’s right. I have to build the bench.

Luckily, the book is on the way. It’ll be a good refresher on building the bench and honestly, Schwarz is a damn good writer. I say this as a professional writer myself. He’s good and I enjoy reading his work, even if I wasn’t going to build his bench.

Just the same reason I need a new copy of The Anarchist’s Tool Chest. Even though I someday want to build the chest, it’s the joy of reading the book itself.

At this point, I’m kind rambling about stuff. Mostly because I’m tired.

Tomorrow will likely be absent any tool-related news because the weather calls for rain and I’m using a picnic table as a workbench for this.

For the record, unless you’re a whole lot shorter than I am, do not do this often.

But the problem with the bench is that it’s exposed to the weather. When it rains, I can’t really do anything. Considering the last couple of days, that’s probably a good thing. I’ll chill for a day or two, rest up, and recharge a bit.

Then I’ll finish up with the restorations, get to sharpening everything but the saws (need a saw vice and probably one or two more saw files), and then start really getting down to planning the workbench.

After that, it’s the tool chest.

Because I have nothing else going on at all. Still, I need both of those and it’ll be fun building them and, more importantly, using them going forward.


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